Remote control of
your phone

compatible android 4.3 and above
This is a service for remote monitoring your cell phone,
which allows controlling correspondence,
phone calls and location of your phone in real time
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Unique features
in your hands:

Call Records Information on incoming, outgoing and missed calls, as well as a subscriber’s name and the call duration will be available for you.
Audio Recording of a Conversation You phone conversations will be recorded. All records are sent to the server, where you can listen to them and/or save them to your computer.
Surrounding Audio Control This function allows you recording the sounds that surround the phone when it is in an idle state (on a table, in a pocket, etc.).
Viewing Messages All incoming and outgoing messages will be saved for viewing on the service website.
Photos and Videos Save All photos and videos stored in the phone will be transferred to the server where you can view and/or save them to your computer.
Smartphone Location The location of your Smartphone is tracked by the signals of cellular towers and GPS satellites with an accuracy of several meters. In case of using GPS, conveyance speed and height above sea level are also available.
Web Browser History View detailed information about the sites visited.
Applications Installed The service keeps track of all installed/updated/deleted applications.
Switch on/off the Phone The service allows you viewing information on turning on/off the phone, connecting the device to USB and switching the device to offline mode.
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How it

Install Talklog on your phone.
It’s easy and free of charge.

Talklog is able to save SMS
and record phone conversations

All collected information will be
available for viewing on your PC

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Ilgam 2021-05-19 07:30 Спасибо за возможность читать соцсети без дополнительной платы
Наталья 2018-09-21 11:48 Работает отлично, ещё бы сделали функцию администратора, что бы не было возможности удалить.
Васиий 2018-06-12 17:07 Все очень круто!!!!! ну если бы еще и сот сети проверялись то цены не было бы !! Все очень круто